Bell Farm and Conneaut Marsh

This weekend I went birding quite a lot. I started out on Saturday with a trip to a farm of a 97 year old birder. He has been keeping notes on birds for 90 some years in a giant book!! Anywatheir was an outing with the local birding club. It was quite fruitful and we got some nice birds like great crested flycatche. And cerulean warbler. Also, we found many birds nest including the nest of a yellow warbler. He weird t ing about the nest though was that it was really high up in the tree. Higher up then expected at least. Also, we found two queen snakes. After that, I went to our farm in Greene County. The birding there was quite good too with both orioles, common yellowthroat, willow flycatcher, and the discovery that our resident catbird was back. The next day, on Sunday, I went with a friend of mine up to Conneaut Marsh. He had never been birding before so it was fun to show him the ropes. I was another good day of birding with red-headed woodpecker, prothonotary warbler, bald eagle and others. Also, we had seen that there had been an upland sandpiper in the area so we went to try to see it. We did see it which is a very good bird.

Photos can be found at

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