Long-Tailed Jaeger Miss

So over last weekend, I received an email report of a long-tailed Jaeger that was found a a nearby location called Imperial Grasslands. Th grasslands are a system of ponds and grasslands well known for its rarities, shorebirds, and grassland birds. The problem however, is that the grasslands are not protected. Therefore, developing is a major problem and a lot of the grasslands have already been lost.
So anyway, on Monday, I decided to go see if I could find the jaeger. I doubted it would still be there because it was first found on Friday (I couldn’t go to see it them because I was backpacking). I still wanted to try though. So I went. We pulled into the gravel road at the pond and I anxiously scanned the water with my bins. A flock of about 4 killdeer burst up from the road in front of us and a pied-billed grebe dove under but besides that, the pond was empty.
Disappointed, we pulled over and parked on the side of the road. We then got out and looked around the pond. Very little was to be found there except a large flock of about twenty killdeer, a eastern meadowlark singing nearby, and my FOY northern harrier. We waited around for a bit longer hoping the jaeger would make an appearance. We were wrong so we moved on to another two ponds down the road a bit.
These two ponds were located where there used to be a coal mine. Therefore they aren’t the most slightly things ever. The birds seem to like them though. The first thing we saw as we pulled over was a group of two juvenile and one female wooduck. As I whipped out my notebook to sketch them however, they took off and we didn’t see them again. We then wandered down to the edge of one of the ponds. Last time I was in this location, this pond had produced the most bird species of anywhere else in the grasslands (green heron, spotted sandpiper, and some others). This time though, there was only a lone pair of mallards.
So all in all a successful trip even though the jaeger didn’t show. So now I wait till this weekend to go birding again.

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