Frick Park and New Birder

Hello everyone! Recently, I have been getting reports of fall warblers moving into the area. So I went to a nearby park called Frick Park. My friend who I have recently converted to birding went with me. We got there at about 8:30 and went to the forest trail. It is apparently quite good for warblers. However, all we saw was a chickadee and a red-bellied woodpecker. We then moved down into the valley. At the bottom of the valley is a small stream called Nine-mile Run. There is some nice marsh habitat by the stream and it is a good spot for warblers, buntings, tanagers, and orioles. However, it was fairly quiet today. There was one kind of warbler though we were unable to ID it. Besides that, we only had good looks at a ruby-throated hummingbird and a red-tailed hawk. But a good day birding none the less. I was able to introduce my friend to a few new birds. Also, on Saturday, I am going to Conneaut Harbor in Ohio. I hopefully should have some good birds there. I will get back to you when that happens. Also, on September 22nd is the ABA Midatlantic Youth Birding Conference. I am going so I shall give a full report on that when it happens.

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