Dipper Quest

So, I guess I should explain why I am in the west in the first place. Well, essentially, my dad is running a hundred mile race here. In fact he ran it today. So, I am getting to do some birding in the mountains of Utah. One of the birds I really wanted to see this trip was American Dipper. So, today, I set out into a quest to find it. Well, more like I went to one place to find it and ended up in others where it would be.
This morning, after my dad left for his race, my mother, my sister, and I went to a place where they had been seen recently. It was a dam on part of the Logan River. We arrived to find a large number of domestic geese and ducks there. We also saw my life Brewer’s blackbird walking on the pavement. We then started wandering towards the dam itself. On the way, we encountered a kingfisher and osprey fishing. However, there was no dipper. We also went below the dam to what looked like prime dipper habitat but no luck.
This afternoon, we saw a nature center on the side of the road and we decided to go to it. There was a five minute walk to the center itself. Happily for me, this walk was along prime dipper habitat. We wandered all the way up the trail and back but we didn’t see any dippers.
After the nature center walk, we were driving down the road with a swift-flowing creek on the side. I had been watching it intensely as we drove by hoping for a dipper. Then, I saw it, an American dipper in the stream. I only saw it for a split second though before we had to keep going. Of course, the one dipper I see, is while we’re moving at 35 miles an hour! Well, at least I saw it.

I currently have no Internet connection so if posts come out late (or two a day) you know why. Thank you for your consideration.

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