Why you all Were at the Big Sit While I Wasn’t

I have been really busy this weekend. I really wanted to do the Big Sit but I couldn’t (and im still mad about missing it) here’s why.
I had to get together the materials for the YBY (Young Birder of the Year) Competition. I have entered the photography, writing, and field notebook categories. I’m not sure about the quality of my writing, but I think the photos are pretty good. Leave a comment if you want me to make a post with the photos in it.
Also, I got some good yard birding done this weekend. I got two new yardbirds, dark-eyed junco, and grey catbird (both not common in my area of Pittsburgh). I also saw a northern mockingbird in my yard (another bird you don’t see much in my neighborhood).

Grey Catbird in my Yard
So, even though I didn’t officially go birding I was doing some bird related stuff. However, this weekend, I am going down to my family’s farm south of the city to do some pretty serious birding. I will send more on that when it happens.

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