Winging It Nov. 2012 and What it has to do With Young Birders

The November edition of the ABA newsletter Winging It was just published. There are a few interesting things about this edition. For one thing, if you view it online it is in full color. Also, it has a theme about young birders.
Now, we as young birders are a little known sect. A lot of nonbirders go with the stereotype of birding being what you do after you retire. However, it is my opinion that that is only because birding is the kind of thing that you can continue to do after you retire. However, because this stereotype is prevalent, a lot of young people interested in birding don’t pursue that interest and instead pick it up when they are older. While I have nothing against starting birding later, the older you get the harder it is to learn bird calls. Also, you have lost a lot of years of experience by starting later. Therefore, it is my firm belief that birders should start as young as possible. Also, young birders need to be able to make connections and participate in bird related activities to improve their birding skills. Such activities geared towards young birders are scare in the US. However, the ABA has been doing a lot to change that. This new edition of Winging It is one of the things they are doing.
By publishing with this edition of Winging It, that is displaying articles about young birders, the ABA is both encouraging young birders (by showing them that they are not alone) and making older birders interested in the future of their hobby. Honestly, I think that this is great for young birders and am hoping that it will be very beneficial to helping us hone our skills and continue to learn about the vast avifauna of this beautiful world.
One last thing, while thinking about young birders, the ABA, and publications, I realized that there is no publication specifically directed to teenage birders. That seems like the kind of thing that the ABA would do. So, if any of the ABA staff and team are reading this, MAKE A PUBLICATION FOR US TEENAGE BIRDERS! That would be awesome!
And on that note, I leave you.

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