Black Skimmers, Birds with Underbites

This afternoon, I received a report over the PA RBA of two black skimmers on the Ohio River about twenty minutes from my house. Of course, I couldn’t turn down the chance to see these birds in Pennsylvania. Also, these skimmers were the first record of this bird in Allegheny county. So, this evening I went down. We pulled up and immediately saw a large crowd of birders at the side of the river. We pulled over and there were the skimmers.

Black skimmers on the Ohio River
The cool thing about rare birds is that it becomes a kind of social event between birders. That is one of the cool things about birding, it is as much about the people as the birds.
Anyway, it was very cool to see these beautiful birds with underbites in Pittsburgh.


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2 Responses to Black Skimmers, Birds with Underbites

  1. Hi there,

    I see these birds are not as black as the Black Skimmer we had here in Cape Town and Walfish Bay rescently. Are these females or was ours a male in breeding colours?

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