Feeder Watching

So, I spent the second day of Thanksgiving Break watching the birds at the new bird feeders I have set up at Tintagel Farms. The business was hopping all day. The most common visitors were tufted titmice.

Tufted Titmouse
Also, sorry for the lack of image quality many were taken right after dawn and all were taken through a window.
Another common visitor were blue jays. They would fly in, alight on the platform feeder, eat some peanuts, then fly off again in a flurry of feathers.

Blue Jay
Also, goldfinches were in good numbers waiting for the bigger rounder titmice to make way before swooping in to eat sunflower seeds.

Goldfinch on Feeder
Black-Capped chickadees were also common but I wasn’t able to secure a photo. One thing I noticed about the chickadees is that when the feeder was congested from other birds eating they would sit and wait then, as soon as another bird left they would swoop down, snag a seed, and disappear.
Another bird that came a few times, was one of the local white-breasted nuthatches. The blue jays had spilled a large amount of sunflower seed when they were taking off suddenly and the nuthatch had found a clever way of getting it. He (or she) would fly down to one of the lower parts of the fence. He would then hang upside down and look around for any danger in the area. When there was none, he would jet down snag a seed and take it back up into the tree.
Once however, he shot up and tried to fly away and instead, collided with the window. I heard a thud and looked outside to find him lying on the porch with his wings splayed out. I quickly headed outside and determined that he was breathing and alive. So, I quickly picked him up, careful not to break any bones, and set him onto a nearby tree. I then went back inside and watched him for awhile before he recovered from his shock and hiked up the tree.

Nuthatch Recovering From Shock
However, it was still very cool to be able to come that close to a wild bird and I was glad to see him make it.
Tomorrow, I plan on going to look for snow buntings in the farm fields in the area so I will report again then. Until next time!!

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