Larkwire the Rosetta Stone for Birders

So, recently, I read a review in Birding magazine about a software called Larkwire. Intrigued I decided to try it. So, I went and bought the software and began to use it.

So, what is larkwire? Larkwire is a software that is similar to Rosetta Stone. However, it is for bird songs. When you start to use Larkwire, you will see on the right hand side of your screen a list of categories to choose from. Select one and four images of different birds that fit into that category will appear on the screen. It will then play the song of one of the birds and you have to select which one it is.

When you master this, you can move on to what is called a field adventure. This is where the screen is white and when it plays a song, you then have to say what bird it is. This is meant to replicate conditions when you are out birding where you have to figure out what you are hearing calling.

I think that this kind of system is a good one and I am kind of surprised that this is the only software like this. I have found Larkwire to be extremely helpful in learning birdsong and am glad to have bought it.

Yes, bought it. It does cost money however, it is fairly inexpensive, with the core song packs being $8.95 and the pro song packs being $16.95.

So, my verdict is, (drumroll please) this software is great! I have found it to be very useful learning and retaining birdsongs. I would definitely recommend this software to anyone and have found it to be very useful. Also, I appreciate the humor that I have found in it (when you have completed everything in your song pack it suggests that you go birding).

As a last suggestion, I reccomend that you buy the pro. Yes, it is more expensive, but it has a more comprehensive set of bird songs.

So, if you are interested in Larkwire, click the link below.

Larkwire’s Website

Note: The Larkwire software is only for the US. However, it is available for both the eastern US and the western US birds.


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