Eagle Grabs Kid THE TRUTH

Yesterday (Dec. 18th 2012) a video was uploaded to youtube. By the next day, it had over one million views. What was it of? A golden eagle grabbing and trying to carry off a toddler in Montreal. Now, if you watch the video and are a birder, alarm bells go off in your head.

One, this bird has white on its wings, golden eagles do not (the bird is probably a species found in Europe and Asia).

Two, a golden eagle in Montreal would be quite notable.

Three, the eagle is in an urban park (not good habitat for a wild bird).

Clearly, this video is fake or staged. Now, if you zoom into the video and slow it down, you will see that occasionally the bird’s shadow disappears and once, the bird bird lets go of the toddler and the kid continues to move up. This clearly shows that this video is computer generated.
So why am I bothering to post about it? Well, on Youtube, the video is made out to be real. If you didn’t notice any of the things listed above, you are likely to think that golden eagles are prone to snatch kids. Also, various news shows have been treating the video like it is real. So what does this mean for birds, well, now a large number of people believe that golden eagles are dangerous (a fact which is totally false). Therefore, this video is just one more reason that people have to be afraid of nature. So, what I am saying is, don’t post false things on the Internet and treat them like they’re real.

Where did this video come from you ask? Let me tell you. One project in a CGI college class is to creat an extremely realistic hoax using CGI. However, people working on the project were probably not supposed to post the video on Youtube as real.

So, I would like to close by saying that you should not do something like this because it has way more effects then you think.

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