Yearly Roundup

Today marks two important occasions. One, the year is almost over. And two, it is the one-year anniversary of this blog! So, in honor of this occasion, I am going to write a quick recap of everything that I have done birding wise this year.
The first big thing I did this year was travel to Colorado over spring break. While it was mainly a trip to see family and go skiing, I managed to fit some birding in. On this trip I saw many cool birds including, pinyon jays, Barrow’s goldeneye, Pygmy nuthatches, a bald eagle that was ten feet away, and much more. Besides the bird highlights, I also saw many cool mammals including both black and white tailed prairie dogs, elk, beaver, and pronghorn antelope.
The next exciting thing was going to the Biggest Week in American Birding festival. It was a magnificent festival and I was able to meet many great people and see many great birds. Some of these birds included rose-breasted grosbeak (good for this time of year), prothonotary warbler, and many other cool birds.
Not all that that long after that, I went on my families’ once every three year trip to England for a family reunion. I found many cool birds including shelduck, black redstart, and of course the common stuff that is still cool to me as an American.


Immediately after returning from England, I departed on a school trip to Belize. The birds I saw there included, ruddy-ground dove, magnificent frigate bird, white-winged dove, black catbird, and more. The mammal highlight was an agouti.

Magnificent Frigatebird

White-winged Dove
The next big trip was to Utah to watch my day’s running race. However, we got a couple good birding days in and I found some cool birds. They included, long-eared owl, American dipper, burrowing owl, Wilson’s phalarope, California quail, and many more. Mammal highlights included bison and coyote.

Long-eared Owl

American Bison
Not long after that trip, my dad and I went to the ABA’s First Annual Midatlantic Youth Birder Conference. This was an awesome trip! It was great to be able to meet young birders from all across the country. I am extremely glad I went and will go again next year. The day after that, I birded Bombay Hook NWR, highlights included black tern, and American avocet.

Young Birders at the Conference

Merlin at Bombay Hook
About a month after that, was the infamous hurricane Sandy. Such birds a herald petrel, and leach’s storm-petrel were being found in PA. While I didn’t find anything quite that cool, I found a group of brant, which is still a pretty awesome bird.
The next great trip after that was to south Texas (earlier this week). The Lower Rio Grande Valley was amazing and I found many cool birds including Altamira oriole, common parague, green jay, foulvous whistling duck, and more. There were many mammals too including a bobcat, two armadillos, and a couple of peccaries.

Nine-Banded Armadillo

Black-Bellied Whistling Duck

Common Parague

Plain Chacalaca
And that ends my recap of this awesome year. To find any of the posts about each of these experiences, scroll down. They’re all there.
All in all, it has been a great year and I am looking forward to another one next year.

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