BirdsEye NA Review — The Next Generation of BirdsEye

The team at Birds in the Hand LLC have recently developed the next generation of their game changing app BirdsEye (which I reviewed here). I was originally very excited for this app to come out but I am a bit more skeptical now that it has.
The new BirdsEye NA is very different from the original BirdsEye app. For starters, it now shows Ebird bar charts for birds that have been seen nearby. This is quite an awesome new development which is likely to come in handy.

Birds Seen Recently in the Pittsburgh Area With Ebird Bar Charts
However, this is a fairly minor development compared to what they’ve done in regards to listing. In the previous BirdsEye, for those of you who haven’t used it, you could keep an ABA area list in the app and it could then narrow the list of birds seen nearby to those that would be ABA area life birds. However, the new BirdsEye takes this to the next level. It allows you to not only keep lists for the ABA area but to keeps lists for individual states and even counties. This is extraordinarily helpful if you are interested in county listing and want to see what has been seen nearby that you don’t have on your county list yet. The app also lets you keep and view your year list for various areas too, which is very useful if you are doing a state or county big year. The last great thing about their system is that it is linked with Ebird, which lets you download and use your year/life lists that are already in Ebird. All these factors combine to make an awesome tool for listing.

A Section of my PA List

A Few of my Needed Birds in Allegheny County, PA
I do however have some problems with the new app. For starters, like in the old BirdsEye, to add things to a life list in the app, there is a large list of North American birds which you can sort through and select which you’ve seen. However, unlike the old BirdsEye, the list for the new app is arranged in alphabetical not taxonomic order. This makes going through the list a long and tedious process.
Another problem I have with the app is that you can’t select your location manually, you can only do it by having your device pick up GPS coordinates. This is a problem if you are in a location with limited to no satellite reception (and this has happened to me before). However, the app producers say that they are still working to add things in from the old BirdsEye, and hopefully this will be one of those things.
Overall, I think they new BirdsEye is great. It is much more useful then the old one for listing and the app now has Ebird bar charts. However, it does have a few things that are not so great and hopefully will be changed in the future.

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One Response to BirdsEye NA Review — The Next Generation of BirdsEye

  1. drewweber says:

    I think that the real reason that its not really easy to edit life lists in the app is that eBird and the developers want you to use eBird for all of that.

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