A Random Photo Quiz

Why am I doing a photo quiz you ask? For a few reasons. One, I want to. Two, I haven’t done one before. Lastly, three, because I want to. So here you go.

Photo 1.


Because I feel like confusing you, I’m going to give you the location where this was taken. It was taken in PA. It was also a life bird for me. 

Photo 2.



Photo 3.



I’m feeling generous this time, so I’m going to give you both the date and the location. It was taken in September in Delaware.


Good luck! If you think you know what they are, post an answer in the comments. Answers will be posted in a few days.

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One Response to A Random Photo Quiz

  1. Elias says:

    #1- Dont know
    #2 – Yellow-Rumped Warlber
    #3 – American Goldfinch

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