Today, my original plans were to go to a Big Sit at the Allegheny Front Hawkwatch in Bedford County, PA. However, due to the rain, fog, and general low visibility, it would have been hard to get many birds at all. So, instead, me and a few other PA birders went to a handful of other locations in Bedford County. We ended up seeing a lot of sparrows of a lot of different species (eight species to be exact). So, I decided to share a few sparrow photos that I took today.



Lincoln’s Sparrow

This was our best sparrow species of the day. It was also a nice consolation price for not finding Nelson’s sparrow at the same location.


White-Throated Sparrow

There were pretty good numbers of these around though there seemed to be more white-crowned sparrows.


White-Crowned Sparrow


Field Sparrow

Even though I didn’t spend much time at the Big Sit, it was still a good day’s birding which allowed me to see many of the sparrow species that are starting to come through the area.

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One Response to Sparrows

  1. Kathie Fiveash says:

    Beautiful shots!

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