Marbled Godwit — Allegheny County, PA

On Friday afternoon, I received an email saying that there was a marbled godwit at a location called Duck Hollow, only 10 minutes from where I live. This bird happened to be the first record for the county and the latest record for Pennsylvania by over a month.

So, obviously, I wanted to go and see it. However, when I received the email, I was at school, and after school, I was unable to get a ride to go see it. So, I decided to wait until the next morning and go out then. It had been seen foraging at Duck Hollow until after dark, so I was hoping that that would meen it would stick around until the next day.

Early the next morning, my dad and I set out to go and see it. We arrived at Duck Hollow at around 7:15 and we, with the other two birders who were there, proceeded to look for the bird. It quickly became apparent that the godwit was not there. However, the day before, the godwit had been disapearing for periods of time before returning. So, I settled down to wait.

As the morning progressed, more and more birders began to show up, despite the heavy rain. I was just starting to get worried that the godwit wouldn’t show up when, much to my happiness, it flew in and landed on the spit of ground jutting out into the river. It then began walking around and foraging in the mud.




Marbled Godwit

I was very happy to be able to watch the godwit as it foraged along the shore. Eventually, it did fly off but I was very glad for the looks that I got.

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