An Important Announcement!

Work on this blog has, unfortunately, been temporarily halted with the recent death of my computer. I am still working on getting set up again with photos, but should be able to write again as normal in a couple days. However, in the meantime, I have an announcement. As a graduated from high school this June, I am leaving my home state of Pennsylvania. Most of my peers are headed immediately to college, but I am instead off on a gap year!

In early October, I will be moving to Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina!! I love Sarajevo and Bosnia and am beyond excited to be able to call it home for a year. I will be using it as a base from which to travel in the Balkans, Middle East, and Caucasus. Since I will be utilising public transport, birding won’t always be possible, but I should have opportunities to do a good bit of it (in particular, by making use of local birders). I am particularly excited to go birding in Israel, Jordan, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Egypt, and of course Bosnia!

I very much look forwards to updating this blog with my birding during my travels! Additionally, the gap year more generally can be followed on Instagram: @AidanJPlace.


The Famous Mostar Bridge, Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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One Response to An Important Announcement!

  1. Kathie Fiveash says:

    That’s wonderful Aidan!

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